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to war;
we paint our faces
sharpen our knives
into each day with a battle to conquer
a victory to win
an ego to protect

but into each day with a clean slate
empty hands
a soft heart
it seems ill prepared

- Jasmine Titcomb

collecting debts I've never held
ones that are not mine to owe
but I pay for them everyday

just as you take things for as they are
you may also leave them
as they are
to be
as they are

a tree in the forest
tall and strong
boundless and rooted
largely overlooked for being just like the others

we paint the corners black
we leave the middle bright
pretending the dark won't reach the light
and when it does confronted with vain
the light will leave and the black shall stay

- Jasmine Titcomb


what if today you stood where you always stand
but saw something entirely different
what if

at the base of a river
lived a man
with the incredible ability to hold it all in

at the top of a tree
resided a bee
with the complete intent to keep it all to himself

in the sky
flew a bird
with the capable compassion to let it all go

what if you took a new road
to a new place
took on a new name
and nothing changed
what if

- Jasmine Titcomb



what if you got carried away

down a road that leads to two places

what if you got the chance to choose

to decide if you want to be what you feel

or decide if you want to be who you are

what if you chose to get carried away

what if this happens everyday

what if

- Jasmine Titcomb

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